The Dutch have been part of the South African community for quite some time now. Ever since the 1600s, we have explored and found ways to improve our economy and our lives in general. It is part of our idealism as people to look for methods and techniques to raise up money and build our individual countries for the sake of the citizens and countrymen. Everyone will identify to the mindset of people to seek for new beginnings and be part of something bigger than how your lives exist today. It is only through exploration that we can be greater as people and as a nation.

Brief History

In the late 1500s, a lot of immigrants from the different countries of Europe were looking for a place that they could start over and find new jobs. Holland was known as the ideal location for these European settlers to be part of this new community. As news broke that Holland is offering a lot of jobs to people, more and more people traveled by sea to Holland. This resulted in a massive transport of citizens from these European countries to Holland.

One of the ships that sailed the seas to Holland got damaged during the trip which forced them to stay in a nearby location. This is called Cape Town. The travelers noticed the number of natural resources that can use for market and trade in the Netherlands. They saw the opportunity of getting more income for themselves and for other people through this town.

These immigrants went back to this place after getting to Holland. It was then that the Dutch East India Company was established by the Dutch Republic. People requested to be discharged from the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC to become free burghers. These are the ones whose goal is to utilize the land and turn them into agricultural purposes. It was widely accepted for most of the people seeking new wealth. And it really boosted the trade during that time.

The Boers

The farmers at the time of the Dutch East India Company were called Boers. The name is still used nowadays to refer to the people who are living in South Africa. They are the descendant of the original Dutch who lived in the area.

The Boers are still interconnected up to this day. History has made them the kind of people that they are now. But it does not mean that the intention is still the same. The Boers are now living with the local community with only the intention of living their lives peacefully with them and with their families and friends. These people only want to foster their second love or to go on dating sites and experience freedom. They do not deserve to be mistreated or offended.

The website

This website aims to educate the people about what is happening in South Africa concerning the Boer community. They are still Dutch communities who just happened to live in this side of the world. Their rights and privileges must always be protected and sometimes reiterated so that they will be observed and implemented. Some laws need to be amended while some have to be removed. This website is our way of helping the community and protecting their lives.