Racism is a sickness of the society that needs to be cured and prevented from happening in any part of the world. It is a condition of a country that should be stopped and discouraged. As we have seen in dating sites where ematching where love is fostered no matter what culture, what race, and what beliefs and tradition that the people have. We should all love and respect one another and not decide on what to do based on the color and race that person belongs to.

Do not support laws that are biased against other races

As a citizen of your country, you must do everything in your power to separate yourself from the laws that could have possibly supported racism in your country. Some laws have been existing for years. Your country, at some point in time, might have been biased to your local people because of history and events that may have happened in previous generations.

But today is different. Whatever your country had been through, the participants of era centuries ago are not present anymore. It is you and the government right now. If there are still laws that are against other culture and races in your country, it is recommended that you stop supporting these laws. You can go to your local officials and ask them if they can do something about it.

Do not make racist jokes

Jokes are funny. Even if you do not mean to be racist, sometimes you still laugh at some racist jokes that your friend or officemate made. The problem with this mindset is that you are not stopping racism in your workplace and your home. Not supporting racism is a lifestyle that we must all live. It should be inculcated in your mind that racism ideology should not root from our thoughts and our actions and even in jokes.

Expand opportunities for people of other races

You should not have biases of your own. If you have a business, you should open it to anyone who wants to apply for a position or buy from you. Industries should not decide on whether to serve somebody or not based on the color of his skin.