Racism is isolating a person or a set of people just because of race or the color of his skin. This is a conditional mindset that a person has to intentionally prevent someone from experiencing a right because his color or race is not the same as yours. If you have read date site reviews about the Netherlands’s dating websites, you will see that even in these sectors of business and industries, the idea of racism is not nurtured or encouraged.

What are the effects of racism that we see today?

Rights are being violated

Racism is almost always felt by the set of people who settled in a country because of different reasons. It can be because of war, of migration, or of personal choice. These people comply with the rules and regulations of the country. They respect the laws that govern them. They present the papers and the documents that they need so that they can enter and become citizens of the country that they want to be part of.

But despite following all of these laws, the rights that should be theirs as a citizen or as people allowed to stay in a particular country, they are still not getting the benefits that they deserve. Rights are still being violated. And sometimes, they cannot do anything about it. They are the minorities of the group. All they can is to comply and make the best of what is given to them.

People are being hurt or killed

The mindset of people who are racists is sometimes so intense that they are willing to hurt or kill people just for the sake of this awful ideology. Racism causes people to exist apart. And it tends people to think that the other side is out to get the benefits that are being experienced by your side of the race. Because of this, they will even form a mob just to hurt and kill other races.

It is bad for the economy

A racist country is not good for the economy. Because of the technology and the communication that nations have with each other, it will be difficult to deal with countries that hate other races. This will cause other countries to cut ties with them and prevent doing any business with the racist people.

Bad for Physical and Mental Health

As we all know racism can affect the physical and mental health commonly in rich countries like the United States. The victims of racism in this country are African American, Asian American, and Latin American People. Ultimatewebtraffic.com said that stress associated with experiencing racism can have long lasting physical effects. Too much stress may turn to blood pressure and weaken the immune system and can develop into a long term health condition. Etsygeeks.org also mentioned that racism affects more on mental health than physical health. Reports say that people who experience racism commonly have the following mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, emotional distress and the most dangerous of them all is suicidal thoughts.