What does Boer mean?

The Boer community in Africa is the people who are descendants of the Dutch who went to Cape Town. Today, they are still living in Africa as they build their lives, hopes, and dreams in a country that will give them justice, peace, and harmony among themselves and the community that surrounds them.

Why are there Boers in Africa?

It started in the 1600s to 1700 when migration from the European countries emerged as the option of the people who want to escape the war. They were looking for a place that they can live peacefully without the thought of war.

What is the Dutch East India Company?

It was formed originally to enter the Southeast Asia trades and markets in the 1600s. Most of the immigrants coming from other parts of Europe wanted to go to Holland as they search for new job opportunities and revitalized lives. One of the ships that were traveling to go to Holland suffered wreckage and had to stay in Table Bay. They found a lot of natural resources in the area which will be very useful for Dutch Trade. Ever since then, the travel and the trade in Cape Town increased and flourished.

What are the political events that are going on in Africa concerning Boers today?

We are supporting complete freedom and unbiased laws to be established in the government. Racism is very prevalent in the country. All people should receive the right amount of privilege and rights the same as the locals who live in the area. We are all equal as people and as citizens in Africa.

What is your website all about?

We built a website in support for our dear Boers whose only dream in life is to live peacefully in a community without having concerns for loss of land, loss of guns, and loss of family members. We are the official monitoring website that will check the balance in power and in sovereignty in Africa. If dating sites are governed by dating site reviews, the local government should be held accountable for everything that happens to Boers.

How do I register to your page?

You can easily register to our page by signing up and putting your name, email, and contact number. We send you regular details and updates about Boers and their living community.