The Boers have proven themselves time and time again that they are resilient throughout the generations. But even if they have continued to stay in the country, they still deserve to be treated the way a citizen and a group of people living in the same country and the same continent is supposed to be treated. If they want to go on dating sites, then freedom will allow them to do so. Let them find the second love that they have been looking for all along.

What are the recent events that occurred in South Africa concerning the Boer community?

Boers being trained by Israeli forces to fight off attacks

The Boer is a term that literally means “farmer” for Dutch and Afrikaans. And they have come to be known as the Dutch settlers who had gone to South Africa to become farmers during the 1500s and 1600s. The Dutch trade was growing at that time and it was also a way for them to earn more wealth.

Today, the Boers are the descendants of these Dutch settlers and have continued to live in South Africa. And they reached a point when they have to resort to training to be able to pave a way for them to live despite the attacks that they are having.

 Urge to give the land to South African people

A lot of new laws are pursued by the government to bring back the land of those that are owned by Boers to the African people. The AfriForum, one of the nonprofit organization supporting Boers, said that the law should govern all people, not just Boers, and definitely not just whites. They have been dealing with these kinds of problems for centuries. And it is no different than the rights of the Boers are being violated on these terms.

White genocide

Fears have surmounted throughout the years of the idea of white genocide. Racism is very rampant in South Africa. The Boers or the Dutch settlers have continued to fight racism in these side of the world. “Whites are hated by the local South African people,” said an activist that supports Boers. “We live in a generation where racism should not be tolerated anymore.”